Recipe : Rice Cooker Brownies




116g chocolate

75g butter

75g sugar

2 egg

70g weak flour

4g baking powder


1. Put the chocolate and butter into a bowl.

2. Microwave for 10 seconds, and then take it out and gently mix it.Repeat this process until it well combine.

3. Next, add the sugar into the mixture and mix it.

4. And then, add the egg into the mixture one at a time. Mix it thoroughly.

5. Add the flour and fold it in.

6. Lastly, add the baking powder and mix it.

7. Pour the mixture into the rice cooker. Press the “Cook Rice” button and cook it two times.

8. And serve. 🙂


The List: 13. Go to a concert alone


Yesterday, 21th of  May. I went to a concert alone and it was performed by Sigur Rós. This is the second time they come to Hong Kong. The last time is 7 years ago when i was still 11 years old.


This is definitely a once of a life-time experience, if you didn’t go, you will regret for life-time. Their performance is excellent, as well the visual effect. I’m glad that i have go to the concert, and i’m very appreciate they come to Hong Kong.



Ólafur Arnalds – A Stutter (feat. Arnor Dan)

This is another song from the new album by Ólafur Arnalds, “For Now I Am Winter”. It is also a very beautiful song, haunting and extremely moving. Hope you like it.

Latte Art Workshop @CoffeePro



Recently, i had joined a latte art workshop with a friend of mine. At the beginning, the teacher told us some background information of latte art. For example, the name “latte” is come from which country, the definition of latte, the factors that affect making the latte art and the basic step of the pouring a latte art.

Next, he demonstrated how to pour a heart shape. He said there are some basic step of pouring a latte art.

  1. Pour your espresso into a wide-mouthed cup and have a pitcher of hot, frothy milk ready to go.
  2. Pouring from about two-to-three inches above your cup in a thin, slow stream.
  3. When the cup is about a third of the way full, rest the pitcher on the side of the cup and increase the amount of milk you’re pouring into the center. You should start to see a little dot in the middle of your latte now.
  4. Keep pouring into the center of the cup until your dot is the size you want your heart to be.
  5. Drag the milk stream through your dot to create the divot at the top of the heart.
  6. Pour a thin stream to the other side of the heart to form the point at the bottom.

After he demonstrate how to pour heart, he also demonstrate how to pour Rosetta leaf. But sadly, none of the above i can pour it successfully.   Below some other picture.



Ólafur Arnalds – Old Skin ft. Arnór Dan

This song is from the new album by Ólafur Arnalds, “For Now I Am Winter”
Everyone was scared that Ólafur is going to change and in a bad way. But in here i want to say, he has evolved. And this song is a great example for that.
So please check it out, you will love it.


Slow Life – Grizzly Bear

Last night, i discovered this song on youtube. As i listen to it, i immediately fall in love with it. It speaks out the thought that i have in my mind. It is just beautiful.

“Even though you’re the only one I see
It’s the last catastrophe
Place your bets on chance and apathy”

There is just distance but i can’t define why….


Always look up to the sky

Always look up to the sky

taken with iPhone 5